When you are looking for the proper heavy-duty construction equipment for your next project, you have to be aware that different kinds of equipment may offer different functionalities from one another. When it comes to backhoes and excavators, the main differences between them are their weight, size, and capabilities that each machine can do. With the introduction of mini-excavators, they have taken over many of the jobs that a backhoe used to perform, but they are still vital for farming and lower scale construction projects.

Read the blog below to learn more about the differences between excavators and backhoes.


An excavator is one of the largest pieces of equipment that are used for construction jobs and projects, and it does a multitude of jobs that will make your building process so much easier. One of the best features of an excavator is that it features the ability to rotate the chassis and the boom as one unit all the way around, 360 degrees. Most excavators will weigh anywhere between 3,500 to 200,000 pounds.

You will usually use an excavator for commercial and industrial sites. You can use an excavator to dig holes and trenches, landscaping, brush cutting, demolition, and lifting and placement. If you have a medium to heavy-duty workload, renting an excavator will be your best option to ensure your project goes smoothly.


Compared to excavators, backhoes are a lot smaller, but they are a standard tractor that supports an arm that consists of the boom and the dipper. The bucket is held by the dipper which is also supported by the boom. They get their name “backhoe” because they pull dirt back towards itself.

A backhoe can only rotate 200 degrees from the left to right, unlike the excavator that can rotate the full 360 degrees. Backhoes are versatile because they have different attachments to do many different jobs like digging trenches, carrying heavy tools, and drilling deep holes. Depending on how deep or shallow you want the hole to be, you can use their different attachments like the auger, breaker, grapple or tilt rotator. You would normally use a back how for farming and industrial projects and they usually weigh around 17,000 pounds. If you are going to be doing a light on the medium-duty project, having a backhoe will be perfect for you.

Now that you know the differences between excavators and backhoes, you will be able to choose the best piece of equipment for the job at hand. If you are looking for an excavator, give the professional team at ISA Co. Excavating Services a call at (647) 869-7020 or email us at eisa@isacotrading.com to learn how we can help you during your next heavy-duty construction project!


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