Excavation is the first part about building a new home. You need to lay the foundation for installing the plumbing and electrical system. If the excavation faces problems, your home will stand on shaky ground. There are serious risks involved if you don’t have enough knowledge of the soil conditions or the excavation process. ISA Co. Trading Inc, experts in excavation services in the Greater Toronto Area, sheds light on paving the way for your new home.

5 Ground Rules for Excavation

For a strong foundation, you need a strong firm base. An unstable surface, loose ground or one that’s located too close to water can lead to flooding or moisture right from the initial stages of building your home. Here’s what you do to build a strong base.

Drain Out Ground Water:

Groundwater can lead to floods during excavation. Drill a pump line to drain out water. By diverting the water away from the foundation area, you remove the risk of floods.

Inspect the Land:

Before you start digging, you need to survey the land with a critical eye. Observe the angle of the land to understand how you should level it. Take proper measurements before you break the ground. By doing your homework before you proceed, you avoid potential risks and the inconvenience of re-levelling if it is not done right. The last thing you want is to break it all down and begin over. Make sure you get it right the first time.

Examine the Soil:

Test the soil to know whether it needs to be treated. If the soil is too loamy, you will need to dig deeper to find sturdier soil to hold the foundation well. Constructing on loose, loamy soil can make the foundation sink after your home is built. You need to steer clear of land that is susceptible to earthquakes or shifting earth conditions. It is very important to get the soil professionally tested before you have it excavate.

Observe Safety:

Please remember that it is better to be safe than sorry. Invest in appropriate protective gear before you set out. You need protection for your head, eyes, skin and hands. You also need a protective mask. Be aware of major utility lines and gas mains. Make sure everyone else helping you observes similar care.

Hire Experienced Professionals:

To save a little, you may end up with costly expenses if it is not done right. If you have no previous experience in home excavation, avoid the hassle at all costs. We suggest you talk to professionals who can do it all for you. They will survey the land, test the soil, take precise measurements, build the foundation, and ensure a strong, durable home that will keep your family and possessions safe. They will ensure that no one is injured at the site and the neighbourhood homes remain unaffected during drilling. Professionals also ensure that the topsoil is preserved for re-application.

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